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Calling it a “wake-up call to all countries to pay more attention to mental health and do a better job of supporting their populations’ mental health”, Tedros told journalists in Geneva that “the effects of the pandemic go far beyond the death and disease caused by the virus itself.”,one night game online,He added that the Envision film and discussion series is one of his initiative’s first projects and that he was confident it would make an impact.,Last month, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reported that there were indications that the Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site remained active and prepared to support a nuclear test. .

In Türkiye, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Tunisia, he told ambassadors he had been seeking coordinated support for the UN Mission, UNSMIL, to help political leaders overcome their differences, and resolve the legitimacy crisis of institutions, designed to democratize the divided nation.  ,The findings, relating to women aged 15-49, are being published for the first time, as part of UNFPA’s State of World Population 2019 report. ,The incident occurred at the beginning of April last year.,one night card game.

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Russia requested the meeting following its decision to suspend participation in the UN-brokered Black Sea Grain Initiative "for an unspecified period of time", announced this past weekend, in response to alleged Ukrainian attacks against its ships. ,one more world cup india,“A blue dress, black tights and boots. That's what I was wearing,” said Jessica Long, a sexual violence survivor who has been campaigning for the rights of survivors, for the past six years. “That's what I was wearing the night I was drugged. I was raped. And I was left alone to die”. .

More than 35 people have been killed, according to news reports, many of them children, said the UN Children’s Fund, UNICEF.,The theme of the Council meeting briefing on Ukraine came under the “Threats to International Peace and Security” agenda item. It was requested by Russia’s Permanent Representative, Ambassador Vasily Nebenzia, during an earlier Council meeting on 13 January, during which Mr. Nebenzia alleged that Ukraine is attempting to “destroy” the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which is canonically linked to the Moscow Patriarchate.,one night card game,“We do not see eye to eye with the Taliban on a number of issues, but the focus is, and should be, on maintaining dialogue in the hope of a better future for Afghanistan, where everyone – women, men, girls and boys – can live a life with dignity and equality,” she said..

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The UNAMA findings, confirm many of the concerns voiced over the direction of human rights under the Taliban 11 months ago, after foreign forces pulled-out and the elected government collapsed.,The cold-blooded killings took place just days before World Press Freedom Day marked annually on May 3rd.,Advancing that mistreatment of “pregnant women, adolescent girls, and persons, as well as newborns” is a “pervasive problem around the globe”, WHO alerted for women everywhere facing violations of their rights – including rights to privacy, informed consent, and the right to have a trusted companion of choice throughout childbirth..

one night game online,Mr. Kőrösi thanked the agency’s chief, Rafael Mariano Grossi, for his leadership, as well as its experts “who have risked their lives to bring about nuclear safety and stability at a time of interlocking crises”. ,Delegates further highlighted the need for improved availability of data and gender statistics to enhance evidence-based policy making..

The funding will allow winning organizations to transition away from the pilot stage, and begin manufacturing at scale.,In the past year, the agency saved the lives of more than 2,340 women from dying during pregnancy and childbirth, and helped to ensure more than 1,250 fistula surgeries, for example.,A trip that normally takes 20 minutes took almost four hours because of queues at the gas station, shops, and the pharmacy..

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The United Nations has called for collaboration at all levels, and across all sectors of society across the world, to protect millions at risk from FGM every year.,Undertaken in Yambio (south-western South Sudan), it is the first such release in over a year and marks the first phase of the overall programme which will see more than 700 children return back to their communities.,“Violence continues to take a heavy toll on children’s lives in and around Port-au-Prince, and schools are no longer spared,” said Bruno Maes, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) representative in Haiti. “As children reel from the effects of armed violence, insecurity in Haiti shows no sign of abating.”.

one more world cup india,Secretary-General António Guterres said he had learned of his passing, “with great sadness”, describing him as a “humble man of prayer and study.”,More than half of those surveyed acknowledged that they had been targeted by formula milk companies..

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These include reported rapes and gang rapes of protesters, women’s human rights defenders and women medical personnel working in hospitals near the sit-in perpetrated by the “Rapid Support Forces” or RSF – a paramilitary group run by the Sudanese Government, primarily composed of the Janjaweed, a party to the Darfur conflict – and other militias.,one more world cup india,Promoting gender equality is an IFAD priority because “when women are empowered, families, communities and countries benefit”..

“The results of this year’s Global Report further demonstrate the need to collectively address acute food insecurity at the global level across humanitarian, development and peace context,” said QU Dongyu, Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). ,The UN Security Council also issued a statement condemning the attack "in the strongest terms", paying tribute to all peacekeepers, who risk their lives in service. ,one night card game,The Monitor indicates that since the convention came into force, 35 State Parties have destroyed 1.5 million cluster munition stockpiles, comprising 178 million sub-munitions. This represents 99 per cent of all cluster munitions declared by State Parties. .

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According to the UN, inter-communal clashes that have flared up several times since July have caused at least 359 fatalities, injured 469 people, displaced more than 97,000, and triggered extensive property damage.  ,one night card game,The Lancet Global Health research paper was developed by experts from the World Health Organization (WHO), UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, which not only reveals that more than 20 million babies that year were born with a low birthweight, but that 80 per cent of the world’s 2.5 million low weight newborns die every year, because they are either pre-term and/or small for gestational age.,“It is, therefore, imperative to hold accountable all those who would dare to use chemical weapons”, he continued. “As we start the new year, I state my sincere hope that members of this Council will unite on this issue”. .

They expressed concern over recent instability in the south, the increase in civilian landmine casualties, and the lack of progress on the opening of the roads in Taïz, in line with UN proposals.  On the latter, they again called for the Houthis to “act with flexibility” in negotiations and immediately open the main Taïz roads.  ,“Because that is the crux of the issue. Gender equality is fundamentally a question of power,” he said, noting that the world had lost its way, highlighting a pushback on women’s rights.,The draft resolution, circulated by the United States and Albania, was supported by ten of the fifteen members of the Council, with Russia voting against it. Four members abstained, Brazil, China, Gabon and India.,one more world cup india.

Women have also reduced their own food intake, so that other family members can have more, amid food price hikes and shortages.,pakistan player name world cup,In a joint statement on the Day, the Director-General of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Audrey Azoulay, and the Executive Director of UN Women, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, stressed that such imagery makes it difficult for girls to believe they can be scientists, explorers or inventors, for example.,Burkina Faso has been in the grip of political instability for several years, and its people have suffered a series of deadly terrorist attacks. The country’s severe humanitarian crisis has seen more than a million people displaced from their homes, victims of ongoing conflict and poverty..

The goal is to inflict maximum disruption of the fabric of communities, including through their constant displacement, the report continues.,He called on all leaders – in the Council, on the continent and beyond – to spare no effort in supporting the AU so that it can achieve its goals.   ,The 63rd session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW63), which traditionally brings women’s rights advocates from across the world to United Nations Headquarters in New York for two weeks of intense dialogue, expert panels and partnership events, concluded with a strong commitment by UN Member States to ensure that services, infrastructure and social protection systems are designed and delivered in ways to prevent discrimination and create a ‘level playing field’ for women and girls.,one night card game.

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Furthermore, strikes attributed to Israel hit Damascus, Homs, Hama and Latakia, prompting Syrian Government anti-aircraft fire in response.  There also were reports of airstrikes on the border between Syria and Iraq, among other incidents. ,“An uneducated child who grows into an illiterate youth in a country ripped apart by conflict or destroyed by disasters may not have much of a chance.”,Describing women’s inclusion in economic recovery as “an essential element” in the pursuit of peace, she said women are more likely to spend their incomes on family needs and make a larger contribution to recovery.  Yet, post-conflict reconstruction and investment are still dominated by – and overwhelmingly benefit - men..

one night game online,Of those, 570,000 people in Ethiopia, southern Madagascar, South Sudan and Yemen, were classified in the most severe phase of acute food insecurity, “catastrophe” phase 5, and required urgent action to avert widespread collapse of livelihoods, starvation and death. ,On Tuesday, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), sounded the alarm over the killing and injuring of dozens of minors in the protests backlash..

“We cannot help babies born with low birth weight without improving the coverage and accuracy of the data we collect”, Ms. Krasevec added.,Ms. Mudawi said aid agencies are doing all they can in Yemen. Last year, they were able to avert the worst, and the number of people facing severe food insecurity even dropped from 19 million to 17 million. ,Military operations continue in the region “and may well increase very considerably in the near future,” he warned..

Mr. Guterres also said he is addressing the problem of UN staff sexually exploiting and abusing the people they serve as well as sexual harassments happening within the UN.,And it will be renewed for an additional thre years, according to UNICEF and the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), which works to advance sexual and productive health. Since then, it has helped more than eight million adolescent girls and more than five million community members, with information, skills and services., “Where women are involved in lawmaking on specific issues, the outcomes are better in terms of health care, in terms of the way even parliaments are functioning, making parliaments more gender sensitive”, said the IPU Secretary-General.    .

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“Change can happen through sustained media attention on the damaging public health consequences of FGM, as well as on the abuse of the rights of hundreds of thousands of women and girls around the world,” Mr. Ban confirmed.,A top official with the UN humanitarian affairs office, OCHA, also called for seizing this “unprecedented opportunity to make more progress toward peace” in Yemen. ,Two rockets were launched by DPRK on Saturday, outside the boundary of Japan’s exclusive economic zone..

one night game online,The Africa Union’s Speciosa Wandira-Kazibwe, who is also the chairperson of the African Women’s Network on Mediation – FemWise, said she wanted to encourage the women of South Sudan and tell them to join men in the struggle to develop the country.,Laws that promote gender equality "will help the Arab region move forward on the issue of justice and equality for women”, Jordan Ambassador to the UN Sima Bahous, told UN News after chairing the forum centered around the study with the same name: Gender and Law Justice, Evaluation of Laws Affecting Gender Equality in the Arab States..

In her briefing, Giovanie Biha, Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Officer-in-Charge of the UN Office for the region, UNOWAS, urged ambassadors to continue to support a strategy centred on building resilience, promoting good governance, and strengthening peace and security. ,“Zaida and Michael devoted their lives to advancing human rights and humanitarian action; and to supporting vulnerable people,” he said. ,“The Secretary-General calls on the Burkinabè authorities to spare no effort in identifying and bringing the perpetrators of this attack to justice,” UN Spokesperson Stéphane Dujarric told journalists in New York. .

Military operations continue in the region “and may well increase very considerably in the near future,” he warned.,In a report covering 13,000 firms in 70 countries, the International Labour Organization (ILO) said that globally, around six in 10 agreed that gender diversity improved their business, with almost as many citing gains in creativity, innovation and reputation. ,The continued political crisis compounded marginalization and political grievances, as well as unresolved conflicts over land ownership. .

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