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4. World Bank Funded Uttar Pradesh Core Road Network Development Project (UPCRNDP)
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1. NH-11011/30/2015-LA 14-JUly-2014 Project Management Consultant
2. 1111(1)/23-12-2015 27-May-2014 30-roads for UPCRNDP
3. 769 EG/23-5-15-4EG/01 23-May-2015 Name change to externally aided
4. 774/23-12-14-1179/13/R. 27 July 2015 Cabinet approval for UPCRNDP


Social Impact

R&R Policy
Institutional Arrangement
Resettlement Action Plan ...

Environmental Impact

Environmental Regulations and Policy
Public Consultation
Potential Environmental...

Road Safety

Specific road safety engineering measures will be adequately integrated in the engineering designs to reduce the safety risks in h...

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The Government of Uttar Pradesh has a long-term program to improve the Core Road Network (CRN) and as part of this program, the government of uttar pradesh has been receiving funds from the World Bank.This fund is being used for improving safety engineering management systems and practices throughout the pwd. It is also being used to address the delivery capacity of road safety divisions and is further intended to invest part of the proceeds for consulting services. World Bank provide its financial assistance for developing the Uttar Pradesh Core Road Network Development Project (UPCRNDP) – hereinafter referred as “the Project”.

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The project Development Objective is to build capacity for results-focused road safety management in Uttar Pradesh and to improve traffic flows and safety for all road users on selected corridors of the state core road network.

Region Profile

General Uttar Pradesh, the most populous and fourth largest state of India. It lies in the north-central part of the country. Uttar Pradesh is bordered by the st.

Core Road Network

Road Classification

Road classification is primarily based on a variety jobitel of criteria, such as, traffic volume, road-width and surface ty.

Project Background


Uttar Pradesh being the India’s most populous State has a current population of over 190 million (2011, COI), contributes around .



The Government of Uttar Pradesh has a long-term program to improve the Core Road Network (CRN) and as part of this program, the go.

Project Overview

The Project Management Consultancy (PMC) Works component will be undertaken in two Phases. The Terms of Reference (TOR) for consultancy contract .

Project Status

Project Details Program was formally approved by the Cabinet in July 2015
AES (Administrative and Executive Sanction) for all four pa.

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